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13 sep 2018 - 17 sep 2018


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P-DTR Foundations

Du påvirker din patients sensoriske nervesystem ved hver behandling, men hvor meget ved du egentlig om det?

“The method of Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR) was founded and developed by Dr. Jose Palomar and has been successfully used in clinical practice for several years. P-DTR is the first neurological manual therapy based on neurology, neurophysiology, biomechanics and basics of Applied Kinesiology. P-DTR is a neurological, reflexogenic system, which efficiently treats a wide spectrum of functional problems and solves musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, hormonal, chemical and emotional dysfunctions. The main goal of the P-DTR treatment is to restore optimal reflexive activity of the nervous system to stimulus. This includes its motor and gland response, which would result in no symptoms of pain or discomfort perceived by the client, optimal range of motion and accurate appropriate adaptation to the conditions of the external environment. In other words, Neurological Health.”

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