Barral Institute Denmark / Kåre Nielsen Osteopati


Sigurdsgade 26, 2200 København N


08 jun 2018 - 10 jun 2018


09:00 - 17:00


5.000 kr.

Advanced Pediatrics

3-dags kursus med Torsten Liem


Fredag den 8. juni til søndag den 10. juni 2018,
kl. 9:00 – 17:00


Introduction and critical discussion of the origins of osteopathic treatment with regards to historical, philosophical and cultural aspects.

  • Insights into and practical application of osteopathic pediatric treatment approaches based on the experience of early osteopaths
  • Possibilities in the examination, treatment and their respective relevance of the following structures in childhood: Cranial base, Occiput, upper cervical region, retromandibular structures, arterio-venous techniques, hyoid from the perspective of its developmental dynamics as well as the thoracic inlet
  • Lymphatic treatment of the child
  • Discussion of a holistic view on the treatment of children with particular attention to practical considerations and examination, especially regarding additional stressors and emotional components, heart rate variability, fingertip lines, the coeliac ganglion and neuro-autonomic models.
  • Approaches to reduce hyperarousal states, e.g. with Torstens own osteopathic heart focused approximation
  • Examination and treatment of the vertebral column and osseous and intraosseous pelvic structures, approaching the paediatric patient, different treatment positions and opportunities for osteopathic access
  • Introduction to the treatment of organic brain regions in children
  • Advanced treatment approaches such as low thrust, dynamic balanced tension of different body rhythms, treatment of arterial and neural structures, inclusion of body proprioception in palpation
  • Discussion of bottom-up and top-down processes in the treatment of children and the importance of interoception, body perception, emotions and cognitive processes in therapeutic interaction.
  • Introduction into the consciousness for the interrelationships between posture, interoception, body perception, emotion and cognition
  • Treating of midline functions and structures
  • Treatment of intraossous lesions of the skull
  • Gestures of the newborn and child and osteopathic considerations

Kurset er på engelsk.

Max. 20 deltagere – først til mølle princip.


Torsten Liem, M.Sc. Ost., M.Sc. päd. Ost., GOsC-GB, D.O., D.P.O.


Primært for osteopater og erfarne manuelle terapeuter, der har erfaring med osteopatiske koncepter


Professionshøjskolen Metropol, Sigurdsgade 26, 2200 København N


5.000,- DKK, inclusiv kaffe/te


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